Weight Loss Programme

Our weight loss programme is designed for anyone in Cork looking to lose weight permanently. Instead of simply losing weight for short term goals such as a wedding, summer holiday or any special occasion, our weight loss solution is a more holistic longer term oppertunity. Instead of following the latest celebrity weight loss diet plan that is full of empty promises, learn how to change your habits and incorporate a healthy diet plan that is varied and personalised.

How to lose weight?

The number one reason why people fail when trying to lose weight is no matter the new weight loss fad they try, they are effectively on a elimination diet. Generally the concept of these plans are to reduce more calories that your body needs to function and as a result you will lose weight. This type of fast weight loss plan may work for the short term, but in the long term you will become a yo-yo dieter and actually gain more weight than you started with in the first place! Instead once you follow these fundamentals of weight loss you will achieve permanent weight loss:

  1. Reduce or Eliminate Sugar
  2. Eat more Protein, Good fats and Carbohydrates
  3. Lift weights

Weight Loss Course

Our weight loss course at Crossfit Return Cork is a no-nonsense solution to losing weight. Research has consistently shown that high intensity exercise coupled with a high protein based diet is the most effective way to lose weight. Effective long term weight loss is about changing your habits which will transform the way you eat and your daily routine. Instead of eliminating types of food from your diet, our approach is to teach the fundamentals of good nutrition. Not will you be more educated about weight loss you will find you have more energy & feel healthier.

Weight Loss Classes

Losing weight at our weight loss classes is much better than going it alone. Not only will you have a community of likeminded people you will have the support and accountability of our weight loss coaches.

Step 1 – Book your first session for free!

All you need to do to get started with our weight loss programme is to either fill out our enquiry form or give us a call. This is a great way to meet us, teach what we do & experience a CrossFit workout.

Step 2 – Book your elements classes

Functional movement is the most effective way to lose weight as it causes more muscles to work & help you lose weight faster. It is important that you understand how to do these movements. This will ensure you will get the most out our CrossFit weight loss fitness classes.

Step 3 – Group WEIGHT LOSS Classes

Our group classes are an excellent way to lose weight. You participate in a motivating community environment. You will challenge yourself, test yourself to your limits. These classes are led by two coaches & follow the workout of the day. Unlike other weight loss programmes, you will not get bored and will not only have the accountability of the group, but also our coaches each session.

You don’t need to be fit, all you need is a positive attitude! There are no excuses, get started today!

Book your free weight loss taster session!