Thank crunchie its Friday!

CrossFit Return – WOD

Its finally Friday folks and first week of February almost done! Well done to everyone for a savage effort all week..and we are delighted to see everyone working on mobility and locking down good positions! Keep it up guys and you will reap the rewards! What better way to set you up for the weekend ahead than a good leg session!! Those glutes should get a good hammering today but sure you have the weekend to recover 😉


Back Rack Lunge (x 8 each leg)

Complete 5 rds for quality

1. Back Rack Lunges x 8 e/s

2. Rear foot elevated split squat x

8 e/l

3.Practice big kips


Metcon (5 Rounds for time)

Every 3 mins x 5 sets

Front Squats x 15 42.5/30kg

Burpee Bar hops x 12

1 Lane runs

*Rest remainder
Input your time for each round


Coaches Notes

Part A: You will be racking the bar on your back guys so please ensure that you keep your chest up as much as you can. You want to really focus on driving through your glutes as opposed to your quads. For the elevated Split squat, be careful that the box behind you isn’t too high (no higher than your knee). For the big Kips, really focus on engaging your shoulders and maintaining a hollow position.

Part B: Not much too it guys!! Aim for unbroken reps on the Front Squats so pick a weight that is manageable. The burpees are gonna burn so push through and sprint that lane run! It’s the only way to get rest!!