Brian O’Shea

I have been a member of CFR for a little over two years and have enjoyed every minute of it. Having finished playing sport a few years prior to starting Crossfit I was looking for something that replicated the intensity ,enthusiasm and sense of achievement gained from sport. Crossfit filled that void and broke the monotony of 3 sets of 8 and back and biceps on Friday, each day there is a new workout , another challenge to take on, and you will not push yourself that far training on your own. The group dynamic , the buzz of the class and the expertise of the coaches drive you to meet and exceed your goals.

The coaches at CrossFit Return are a fantastic resource in particular when you are concerned about an injury or have a niggle.Their focus on mobility , proper warm-ups and cool down prevent  injury. In addition they adapt programs to work around any limitations you may have,  so you can train around an injury.