Sunday Sesh

CrossFit Return – WOD

Can you believe its Sunday again folks? We hope you all are having a good weekend,but let’s finish it off strong!


EMOM x 12 mins

1. Farmers carry x 2 lengths

2. Elevated ring rows x 12

3. Plank x 40 sec


Metcon (Time)



Kettlebell goblet squat @ 24/16kg

Pull ups

16min cap

Coaches Notes

Part A: This EMOM shouldn’t be too challenging but it will be a perfect way to warm you up and get some nice quality strict work done! Slow and steady here guys and quality over quantity!

Part B: This workout is gonna be tough but the reps are decreasing so try and keep the Intensity up! You can scale the pull up to banded or to ring rows. You can also scale the reps on the pull ups if you want to give them a go!