Sunday funday

CrossFit Return – WOD

Can you believe its Monday already tomorrow? Lots of people like to take Sundays as rest…but we think it sets you up for a solid week! Get in and get it done in 45 mins and then enjoy your day…the dream!


In 15 mins complete 4-5 rounds

Strict Pull ups x 6-10

Bent over Barbell Row x 10

Sled Pull x 1-2 lengths

Try and get everyone a few goes on

the sled


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

11 min Amrap

3, 6, 9, 12 etc

DB Power Clean

DB Push Press

6,12,18, 24 etc

Air Squats


Add 3 reps every round but its double reps for Air squats


Coaches Notes

Part A: Try and accumulate as many round as possible in the 15 mins, you should be aiming for 4-5 rounds. Keep a slow tempo on the barbell rows – 3 sec lowering.

Part B: This will get tough pretty fast guys! Try and go unbroken on the DBs but watch that you dont let your arms blow up! And don’t use the squats as a rest…make them fast and don’t skimp on the depth…ass to grass as they say!