You don’t need to be fit, you just need to start – Book Your Session Today!

Starting is really easy!  You DO NOT need to be fit or need to know anything about our programming.  Before you get into regular training in our  group classes, everyone can try out a 2 Free Class Sessions on the house!  You have 7 days to use these sessions.   This will allow you to check out our facility, meet our expert coaches and get a feel and taste for what we do here.  And our coaches can get to know you, your abilities, mobility level and your goals and training aspirations.

Step 1:

  • DROP IN FOR A CHAT or call us or email us.
  • Available to discuss our programming and training approach, answer questions and discuss your aspirations and goals
  • Our gym is for all levels, ages and abilities.
  • Our coaches are here to help you get fit and reach your goals

T: 0833498824


Step 2:

  • Book in for your 2 FREE sessions.
  • Train for a week for FREE!!
  • Great opportunity to get a taste of what we do.
  • Learn the importance of moving safely and well.
  • Meet our great coaches.
  • Experience our fantastic community environment and do some workouts.
  • No cost, no fuss hence nothing to lose!

Step 3:

  • After your 2 free class you can have a chat with a coach about your membership options.
  • Our aim is to educate and teach you the fundamental movements involved in our workouts
  • Allow our coaches to assess how you move and gauge what we need to do with your mobility and training to get you better

Step 4:

  • Get signed up on our app & purchase your membership.
  • Train regularly, challenge yourself and test your capabilities and limits.
  • Daily classes are led by our expert, fun coaches and follow our exclusive programming and workouts to get you fitter & stronger!!


Book Your 2 Free Sessions – Get Started Today!