Mike Russell

My background is in rugby. I played all the way up through secondary school as part of the 1st team and enjoyed the competitive atmosphere. I have always had a big interest in strength and fitness and was training together for rugby and in the gym about 6 days each week.

Unfortunately not long after I finished school and broke a bone in my shoulder and did lots of damage to my shoulder, neck and bake which forced me out of contact sport. I looked for something else to take up my time and strive towards and tried a variety of things which included rock climbing but anything I tried didn’t make me want to try again as much as CrossFit did. Although I have kept up these hobbies and try to get outdoors once or twice a week, my main focus is on CrossFit and improving my health and fitness. My aim at CFR is to both improve my knowledge and understanding about the human body and how each person moves differently and also to improve the lives and lifestyles of those who train at CFR.