Lucy Kenefick

Lucy’s sporting journey started in her early teens playing field hockey while a student at Mount Mercy College and later at UCC.

She continued to “stay fit” while working in banking in Dublin and pursuing a Masters degree. She took off on a world tour in late 2008 and having landed in Melbourne some months later, she reassumed her career in banking and, more importantly, discovered the world of boot camp. She continued to maintain a satisfactory level of fitness but it was not until her brother Chris persuaded her to give CrossFit a go that she too became totally hooked!

For her it became a lifestyle choice which addressed her need for personal challenges, moving well, nutrition guidelines and insight, friendships, banter and helping others. As part of her research before returning to Cork to open the gym, she visited CrossFit gyms across Europe, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Hawaii, New York and Sydney and interned at CrossFit Vancouver for 4 months, the first CrossFit gym to be opened in Canada. ( Her goal in CrossFit Return is to create an energetic and encouraging community where athletes can achieve their goals, conquer the challenges and have fun!  Lucy has her Level 1 & 2 CrossFit certificates and the Coach’s Preparation Course Trainers certificate, amongst others.