Sunday workout!

CrossFit Return – WOD


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

25 min Amrap

2 Lane runs

10 T2B

20 Burpees

30 Air Squats

40 Doubleunders/Singles

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Saturday fun!

CrossFit Return – WOD

Partner Workout

Metcon (Time)

Teams of 2

Buy in: 1000m Row or 3000m bike

100 Wall Balls

100 Sit ups

100 Deadlifts 50/35kg

100 Push ups

100 KB Swings 24/16kg

100 Front Squats 50/35kg

100 Burpees

30 min time cap

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Skillz of a Friday!

CrossFit Return – WOD

We will be dividing the class today so those that are new to the movement can get some good practice in. Those that have it mastered, get moving with a wod and put that work into practice!


Coach 1: Those that have rope climbs

Rope Climb

Practice for 5 mins

Then 10 RFT

1 Legless/ 1 Rope Climb

6 -8 Strict HSPU

Rest 15 seconds between rounds

Coach 2: Newbies

For athletes learning to climb a rope, work on seated box foot work

Between Sets as a break:

1-2 Wall Climbs

DB Floor Press x 10-12 reps


Metcon (No Measure)

Emom x 16 mins

1. Erg x 12/8 cals

2. 15 DB power cleans

3. 20 DB Front Rack Lunges

4. 12 HSPU or 12 Push up


Coaches Notes

Part A: Take your time working on each part of the rope climb guys, a coach will break it down for it. Its one of those movements thats a step by step process. but once you get it you’ll be flying up the big rope! Those that are doing the wod…this is a quality type wod, not for speed please! No more than 1-2 Abmats also!

Part B: Straight forward EMOM guys to get some good volume in after a tough skills session. Use the same DBs throughout the EMOM.

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Thursday Snatching!

CrossFit Return – WOD


Hang Power Snatch (x 3)

Hang power Snatch

3 Reps

S/S Plate OH Squats hold

Lying back on roller holding barbell

Practice overhead Squat position with a stick


Build to a a heavy set of

3 TnG Snatch

Snatch (x 3)


Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds:

2 rds

16 DB Snatch 22.5/15kg

9 T2B/12 Sit ups

6 Snatch (Squat) 60/40kg

Rest 1 mins

Coaches Notes

Part A: As mentioned above, be patient here folks. Put as much emphasis on the mobility work as the Snatch itself. For those that are proficient with the movement, you are going to build up to a heavy 3 reps Touch and Go.

Part B: Push hard for this wod guys and aim for unbroken rounds. Make sure the barbell is also heavy too guys!! Scale the full snatch to 9 Hang power snatch.

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Tuesday pressing!

CrossFit Return – WOD

Today has a bigger emphasis on the barbell guys….for all you barbell lovers!


Push Press (x 6)

Every 3 mins x 5 sets

3 Push Press +3 Push Jerk


6 Push press

TYIs x 3 each

**Roll out lats while resting


Metcon (Time)

5 Rds

20/15 Calories

8 Deadlifts

6 Hang power cleans

4 Push Press

rest 1 min between rds


Coaches Notes

Part A: We are incorporating 2 upper body pushing exercises today guys, but if you are very new to the movement of the Push Jerk, you can stick with the push press and nail the technique! Between set, mobilise and activate with TYIs. If you are tight in your shoulders they wont be easy!

Part B: This is a real barbell heavy workout so it will get very grippy. The weight should be heavier than you think and see can you go unbroken!

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Mondays Squats!!

CrossFit Return – WOD

We are back to a new week guys and we hope you are chilled after the weekend! Make sure you check out the programming for the week and try and attend the days where your weaknesses are! As always keep up the good work and lets smash the week ahead!


Front Squat (5,5,5,5)

5,5,5,5 – Focus on a steady tempo 3 Down, 2 sec pause at the bottom.

Between sets:

Practice Kipping

1. Scap pull ups to Big Kips

2. Hips to Bar

3. Bar muscle up Practice

Those that have BMU, aim for 18-20 reps

Banded Rack Stretch x 30 sec


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

0-2 mins Max Cals

2-4 mins Max Front Squats 50/35kg

4-6 mins Max KB Swings 24/16kg

6-8 Mins Rest


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Big Wednesday mash up!!

CrossFit Return – WOD

Welcome to Big Wednesday guys! Its all about that engine today as yesterday and tomorrow are strength focused so we don’t want you too sore! ūüėČ Unfortunately irish weather isn’t playing ball at the moment so sorry if you were expecting something else!!


Metcon (Time)

28 min Cap

50/35 Cals


100 WallBalls 10/6kg

100 Box Jumps 24/20

100 Burpees

50/35 Cals

*Break up the reps anyway you like!


4 rds

30 Sec Side plank R

30 Sec Side plank L

30 Sec Plank

30 Sec rest

Coaches Notes

This workout is going to be a grind guys so keep your head up and push on! Break up the reps as you need to, to keep going but don’t be afraid to push either!!

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Sunday Sesh

CrossFit Return – WOD

Can you believe its Sunday again folks? We hope you all are having a good weekend,but let’s finish it off strong!


EMOM x 12 mins

1. Farmers carry x 2 lengths

2. Elevated ring rows x 12

3. Plank x 40 sec


Metcon (Time)



Kettlebell goblet squat @ 24/16kg

Pull ups

16min cap

Coaches Notes

Part A: This EMOM shouldn’t be too challenging but it will be a perfect way to warm you up and get some nice quality strict work done! Slow and steady here guys and quality over quantity!

Part B: This workout is gonna be tough but the reps are decreasing so try and keep the Intensity up! You can scale the pull up to banded or to ring rows. You can also scale the reps on the pull ups if you want to give them a go!

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Partner Day!

CrossFit Return – WOD


Partner Workout

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Partner wod

0-9 mins Amrap

P1 – 2 Lane runs

P2 – 20 DB Snatch

10 BBJ


10-19 mins Amrap

P1 – 15/12 Calories

P2 –¬†20¬†Wall Balls

10 Burpees over Dumbell


20-29 mins

P1 Р15/12 Calories

P2 –¬†20 OH Lunges

6 Single Arm Devil Press



Coaches Notes

Partner 1 is the pacer here here. While they are either doing the calories or running, Partner 2 is completely an Amrap of the other 2 movements. Carry on from where your partner left off! Aim to use the same Dumbbell throughout but partners can choose different weight if needs be.

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Friday Squat Day

CrossFit Return – WOD

Is there a better way to spend Valentines day than in the gym on squat day! Load up the bar and get squatting! Between our sets we are going to be working on upper body pulling…and we all know the only way to get better at pull ups, is to do more pulling work!!


Back Squat (5,5,5,5)

Back squat 5,5,5,5


Pull ups 8-10 reps

Negatives x 3-5 reps

Ring rows x 10-12

Couch Stretch x 30 sec Each side


Metcon (Time)

60/45 Calorie


3 Rounds of:

10 Burpee box jump 24/20″

10 Thrusters @ 50/35kg

14 min cap

Coaches Notes

Part A: We are all at a stage now guys where we know we need to work on our squat positions and our mobility before we start loading on the weight! Be smart about it and as much as we want yo challenge you, we want you to also be safe! The pull ups need just as much attention as the squats so don’t neglect them, aim to hit at least 5 sets of what ever scaling option you choose.

Part B: I won’t lie, this will hurt a bit guys! Get through the calories as quick as possible but don;t gas yourself for the rest of it. The thrusters should be at a weight that takes no more that 2 sets but they don’t necessarily need to be unbroken. Its only 10 reps so you can absolutely afford to go that little bit heavier!!

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