BIG Wednesday!

CrossFit Return – WOD

Here we are again, another big Wednesday (your favourite day by all accounts!). Todays workout is going to be a grind, as the worst part about it is not only do you have to do 1 round, but you have to repeat it again!!


Metcon (Time)

2 rds

30/22 Calories

30 DB Hpc and jerk 22.5/15kg (15 e/a)

30/22 Cals

30 DB Snatch (15 e/a)

30/22 Cals

30 Single arm Devil press (15 e/a)

rest 2 mins between rounds

32min cap


3 Rds

Russian twists x 30

Hollow hold x 30 sec

Rest as needed


Coaches Notes

Can you go unbroken on the DB? Challenge yourself with the weight that you choose! Don’t go too light! Its gonna be a slog, but you’ll get through it!!