Tuesday Oly Lifting

We are Oly lifting today folks, so make sure you get in to get some practice under the barbell! The more you practice the easier it will become. Don’t forget our Christmas Party is on Dec 7th n Brick lane and we will be having a fun Wod that morning from 9am! And also, the retest of our November Challenge is on Dec 2nd so last big push this week guys!

Part A

Take 10-12 mins to work up to a heavy complex of 1 Power Clean + 1 Clean (Or 2 Hang power clean with pause in catch)


10 min EMOM

Oly: 1 Power Clean + 1 Clean at above weight

FIT: 2 Hang power Clean

Part B

For Time

15 – 12 – 9 – 6 – 3

Clusters 50/35kg


Burpees over the bar

Coaches Notes

Part A: Use the first 10-12 mins to get a feel for the weight and work up to a weight that challenges your technique but that you can perform well, about 80-85%. For the EMOM, you can still add some weight, no failed reps! If you fail a rep, drop the weight back straight away. For the power clean, we are looking for a big hip drive to get the bar up to the catch position but make sure you receive it with your hips back. For the clean we want speed under the bar! We dont want to see that bar travel up past your chest!

Part B: Clusters are not a very nice movement! They are bascially a clean but finishing with a thruster. It may be scaled with a Power Clean & Push press, but the aim is to get a low as you can under the bar. Each round the reps are dropping so keep a good fast pace!