Technique Tuesday

We are introducing a new movement to some of you today folks – the Push Jerk! It is a step up from the Push Press as it means that you can lift more weight overhead by doing a ‘double dip’.

Part A

Push Jerk x 3 reps

or Push Press x 5 reps (Practice Push Jerk technique between sets)

Wall Climbs x 2 reps (Hold for 5 sec at least)

Mobilise shoulders between sets – lie on roller etc..


Part B

4 RFT (14 min cap)

20 Box Jumps 24/20

15 Push Press 50/35kg

15 T2B / Weighted Sit ups

Coaches Notes

Part A: The Push Jerk may be a new movement to some of you so today will be more focused on technique rather than weight. Focus on keeping your elbows up as you dip and move fast to get under the bar. With the wall climbs, its a great opportunity to get used to being upside down. If you are used to doing wall climbs, try shoulder taps!

Part B: Hold a good pace through out and hold on! This workout will get grippy pretty fast so break up the T2B early.