Technical Thursday

CrossFit Return – WOD

Part A

20 mins

FIT: Power Clean (5 x 5)

Start working from the floor and establish a solid catch position. Pause for 3 seconds in your catch with your hips back and elbows high.

Make sure there is no bend in your elbows until you initiate your hip drive.

OLY: Clean (6 x 1)

This is for the more advanced lifters. Build to a 1 Rep Max Clean. Focus on speed under the bar and a strong catch position.

Super set

Both groups work on overhead mobility. We will hold a plate overhead and work into an overhead squat making sure we don’t shoot our knees forward and come on to our toes. This might mean we only get a few inches down but once you are getting a stretch then we will be benefitting from it.

Metcon (No Measure)

Every 90 seconds x 6 Rounds:

-3 Touch n’ Go Cleans


-5 Power Cleans

Part B

3 RFT (10min cap) (Time)

– 300/200m Row/Ski

– 15 Burpees

* This is a sprint WOD