Sunday Funday

Our Christmas Wod and party is less than 1 week away! Get your names up on the sign up sheet in the gym for the wod and join us in Brick lane from 7.30pm!

Avonmore Milk will be joining us in the gym on Tuesday from 6.30pm-8.30pm sampling some of their protein milk so make sure you get some samples for your post workout fuel!

Today is more all about movement and getting yourself set up for the week ahead. Focus on control and moving through movements with intent rather than trying to just get them done!

Part A

22 mins

Floor Press x 6 reps

Half Kneeling Single arm DB Press x 8 e/a

Banded Lat Pulldown x 15 reps


Part B ( 21mins)

9 min EMOM

  1. DB Box Step up x 12 25/17.5kg (1 DB)
  2. DB Walking Lunge x 16 e/l(2DBs)
  3. DB Push Press x 12 (2DBs)

Rest 3 min

9 min EMOM

  1. DB Snatch x 12 (1 DB)
  2. Overhead Walking Lunge x 6 e/s (1 DB)
  3. DB Hang Clean & Jerk x 12 (1 DB)

Coaches Notes

Part A: Take your time moving through all of these movements. Use them as accessory movement to help with shoulder health so tempo will be very important.

Part B: These EMOMs should be tough. We want to use them more for strength than cardio so go heavy with the DBs!