Monday Squats

Welcome to a new week folks and we can officially start talking about Christmas! Now that we are entering the silly season, training can sometimes take a back seat, with all the nights out, xmas parties etc. The temptation can be there to just ‘wait til January’. But remember, there are 30 days from today until January. There are a few days over xmas that are a given that you wont train – xmas eve, xmas day, xmas party, Stephens day, new years – that leaves 25 days from now until January that you can get some training done and you can still enjoy the festive season!

Part A

Back Squat 4×5 (+2.5-5kg)

Work up to a working set of 5 sets in 10 mins then complete 4 sets of 5 reps

S/s Strict Pull up 5rm

Or Max Strict Pull up/Negatives x 3-5 or Ring rows x 5


Part B

10 RFT (15min cap)

5 Front Squat 60/40kg

6 C2B

7 Burpees Bar hops

Coaches Notes

Part A: Build to a heavy set of 5 in 10 mins then hit 4 working set at heaviest weight (add at least 2.5kg from previous weeks.) For the Pullups, work up to your max weight pull up for 5 reps.

Part B: These are fast rounds folks so be prepared to breathe hard! Try and hit a consistent pace per round and be efficient with movement. Each movement should be unbroken!!