Happy Hump day!

Happy hump day folks! It’s only a few more weeks to Christmas (dare I say it) so lets keep the intensity up and enjoy the upcoming festive season! And nobody likes to skip big Wednesday 😉

Part A

Every 4 mins x 6 rounds, 1 min rest (29mins)

2 lane runs

then Amrap in remaining 4 mins

15 Wallballs 10/6kg

10 DB Power Cleans 22.5/15kg

Rest 1 min


Part B

7 min Amrap

30 second plank (Add Weight)

15 Leg raises


Coaches Notes

This is a very different workout to a long amrap. You will be targeting different energy system in your body so don’t be afraid to push each round! You might find you’ll take it easy in the first round to gauge pace but after that its an all out effort!!