Glutes of a Thursday

Well done to all that did the retest yesterday! So if you are feeling a bit tired and sore, use today as an easy lighter day to just move! if you haven’t been in then hit it hard folks!


Part A

Back Rack Lunges x 8 e/l

Rope climb technique:

  • 2 Ascents in least amount of pulls
  • Practice Footlock

Part B

16 min Amrap

16 Front Rack Lunges

8 Down up Bar hops

8 HSPU/Push ups

*30 sec rest


Coaches Notes

Part A: Keep an upright torso with the lunges and focus on keeping the front leg vertical. For the Rope climbs, If you have never done them, practice the footlock whilst sitting on a box and then practice standing.

Part B: We want quick rounds here guys, try and go unbroken for each movement!