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Starting is really that easy!  Contrary to general perception you do not need to be fit or need to know anything about CrossFit. Before you can start our general group classes, everyone must complete our Complimentary Introduction Session and our Elements Programme.  This is necessary to bring all newcomers up to speed with our movements and training philosophy and to allow our coaches to profile each individual, their mobility, strengths, weaknesses and physical ability.

Step 1:

  • Call us or email us for a chat!
  • Available to discuss our programming and training approach, answer questions and discuss your aspirations and goals

T: 087 191 3242


Step 2:

  • Book in for your first FREE introduction session.
  • Great opportunity to get a taste of what we offer
  • Learn the important basic, functional movements
  • Experience your first CrossFit workout.
  • No cost, no fuss hence nothing to lose!

Step 3:

  • After the intro book in for your 3 ELEMENTS classes
  • In elements our aim is to educate and teach you the fundamental movements involved in our workouts
  • Allow our coaches to assess how you move and gauge what we need to do with your mobility and training to get you better

Step 4:

  • Graduate into our GROUP classes !!
  • Train regularly, challenge yourself and test your capabilities and limits
  • Daily classes are led by one or two coaches and follow our exclusive CFR programming and workouts


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