Ryan O’Dowling

My love for sport was initially cultivated through swimming. I competed at provincial and national level while trying my hand at more sports than I could shake a stick at. My search for the right one ended in 2008 when in Australia I came across a gym called Southern Crossfit.

Here I trained with two of my brothers, both avid crossfitters, and was drawn in by the die hard ethos that I found broke me down to build me back up better, fitter and stronger. I can back to Ireland with a renewed vigor and love for all things fitness. Back then Ireland was yet to be hit by the worldwide phenomenon that Crossfit has become so I bided my time until the gym I had been waiting for opened, CrossFit Return!  And the rest is history. My main goal at CFR is to foster an atmosphere of community and progress by showing all our members why I came to love this sport so much in the first place.