Friday Cleans

Happy Friday folks! We are bringing in a new movement today for Cleans which is the Tall clean. Check out the video for a great demo of how quick you need to be to get under the bar! Notice how the bar barely moves and he pulls himself under the bar…thats what we want from today!

Part A

Both Groups: Tall Cleans x 3 reps (10 mins)

Then in 10 mins

Build to a heavy 2 rep Clean or 3 Hang power cleans


Part B (19 mins)

Every 3 mins x 5 rounds

12 Deadlifts

9 Hang power Cleans

6 S2OH

Max Calories

Rest 1 mins

*RX weight is 60/40kg

Coaches Notes

Part A: Focus on speed guys and pulling yourself under the bar. Even if you are new to the movement, grab an empty bar and practice!

Part B: This is a version on the Workout DT. Its a little lighter so those rounds needs to be faster! Focus on good barbell cycling and being efficient in how you move!

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Glutes of a Thursday

Well done to all that did the retest yesterday! So if you are feeling a bit tired and sore, use today as an easy lighter day to just move! if you haven’t been in then hit it hard folks!


Part A

Back Rack Lunges x 8 e/l

Rope climb technique:

  • 2 Ascents in least amount of pulls
  • Practice Footlock

Part B

16 min Amrap

16 Front Rack Lunges

8 Down up Bar hops

8 HSPU/Push ups

*30 sec rest


Coaches Notes

Part A: Keep an upright torso with the lunges and focus on keeping the front leg vertical. For the Rope climbs, If you have never done them, practice the footlock whilst sitting on a box and then practice standing.

Part B: We want quick rounds here guys, try and go unbroken for each movement!

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November Challenge Retest

Today is the November Challenge retest guys!

Everyone has really worked hard over the last month so today will be a big test for you. Mover well and push as hard as you can and we have no doubt everyone will do amazing!

Part A – WOD (25min cap)

  • 3 Lane Runs

Then 3 Rds

  • 36 Single Arm DB Thrusters 18 e/arm
  • 30 DB Snatch (22.5/15kg) 15 e/arm
  • 15 Burpees
  • 10 C2B / Banded C2B / 15 Ring Rows


  • 3 Lane Runs


Finisher – Core

4 Rds

45 Sec Plank

15 sec Rest

Coaches notes

You can chose to tackle the wod 2 ways. You can keep the weights and scaling options the very same as the last time and try to beat your time. Or you can chose to go a bit heavier and push yourself to make the workout harder. Both approaches are perfect are still a a test of overall fitness!

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Technique Tuesday

We are introducing a new movement to some of you today folks – the Push Jerk! It is a step up from the Push Press as it means that you can lift more weight overhead by doing a ‘double dip’.

Part A

Push Jerk x 3 reps

or Push Press x 5 reps (Practice Push Jerk technique between sets)

Wall Climbs x 2 reps (Hold for 5 sec at least)

Mobilise shoulders between sets – lie on roller etc..


Part B

4 RFT (14 min cap)

20 Box Jumps 24/20

15 Push Press 50/35kg

15 T2B / Weighted Sit ups

Coaches Notes

Part A: The Push Jerk may be a new movement to some of you so today will be more focused on technique rather than weight. Focus on keeping your elbows up as you dip and move fast to get under the bar. With the wall climbs, its a great opportunity to get used to being upside down. If you are used to doing wall climbs, try shoulder taps!

Part B: Hold a good pace through out and hold on! This workout will get grippy pretty fast so break up the T2B early.

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Monday Squats

Welcome to a new week folks and we can officially start talking about Christmas! Now that we are entering the silly season, training can sometimes take a back seat, with all the nights out, xmas parties etc. The temptation can be there to just ‘wait til January’. But remember, there are 30 days from today until January. There are a few days over xmas that are a given that you wont train – xmas eve, xmas day, xmas party, Stephens day, new years – that leaves 25 days from now until January that you can get some training done and you can still enjoy the festive season!

Part A

Back Squat 4×5 (+2.5-5kg)

Work up to a working set of 5 sets in 10 mins then complete 4 sets of 5 reps

S/s Strict Pull up 5rm

Or Max Strict Pull up/Negatives x 3-5 or Ring rows x 5


Part B

10 RFT (15min cap)

5 Front Squat 60/40kg

6 C2B

7 Burpees Bar hops

Coaches Notes

Part A: Build to a heavy set of 5 in 10 mins then hit 4 working set at heaviest weight (add at least 2.5kg from previous weeks.) For the Pullups, work up to your max weight pull up for 5 reps.

Part B: These are fast rounds folks so be prepared to breathe hard! Try and hit a consistent pace per round and be efficient with movement. Each movement should be unbroken!!

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Sunday Funday

Our Christmas Wod and party is less than 1 week away! Get your names up on the sign up sheet in the gym for the wod and join us in Brick lane from 7.30pm!

Avonmore Milk will be joining us in the gym on Tuesday from 6.30pm-8.30pm sampling some of their protein milk so make sure you get some samples for your post workout fuel!

Today is more all about movement and getting yourself set up for the week ahead. Focus on control and moving through movements with intent rather than trying to just get them done!

Part A

22 mins

Floor Press x 6 reps

Half Kneeling Single arm DB Press x 8 e/a

Banded Lat Pulldown x 15 reps


Part B ( 21mins)

9 min EMOM

  1. DB Box Step up x 12 25/17.5kg (1 DB)
  2. DB Walking Lunge x 16 e/l(2DBs)
  3. DB Push Press x 12 (2DBs)

Rest 3 min

9 min EMOM

  1. DB Snatch x 12 (1 DB)
  2. Overhead Walking Lunge x 6 e/s (1 DB)
  3. DB Hang Clean & Jerk x 12 (1 DB)

Coaches Notes

Part A: Take your time moving through all of these movements. Use them as accessory movement to help with shoulder health so tempo will be very important.

Part B: These EMOMs should be tough. We want to use them more for strength than cardio so go heavy with the DBs!


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Partner Saturday

Part A

0-10 min

Complete 2km Row

Partner 2 max DB front squats


10-20 min

6km Bike

Partner 2 Max Sandbag Cleans or DB Cleans (2DBs)


20-30 min

2km Ski

Partner Max Doubleunders/ Singles/ Down ups to a plate

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Front Squat Friday!!

Part A

Front Squats 4 x 5 (Build to a working weight first then complete 4 working sets)

After each set:

Max reps Chin ups

or Negative Chin ups x 5 or Supine Ring rows x15


Part B

For Time

3 Lane runs

25 Goblet Squats 24/16kg

15 Burpee Box Jump 24/20

3 Lane runs

20 Goblet Squats 24/16kg

10 Burpee Box Jump 24/20

3 Lane runs

15 Goblet Squats 24/16kg

5 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20

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Thursday Core

Part A

Emom x 20 min

  1. T2B 8-10 reps
  2. Weighted Sit up x 12 reps
  3. Hollow Hold x 30-40 sec
  4. Rest

5 Rounds total


Part B

Tabata fun!

Complete a full 8 rounds of Tabata for each movement i.e. 20 sec on 10 sec rest

  1. T2b/Situp
  2. Ski Erg Calories
  3. Air Squats
  4. Plate G2OH 20/15kg

1 min rest between each one

18min total

 Coaches Notes 

Part A: If you are good at T2B, use this as a opportunity to practice unbroken reps whilst not under fatigue. If you have 1 or 2 T2B, try and practice linking T2Ib and getting as close to the bar as possible. No swinging reps! If this is new to you, your coach will show you how to hang from the bar correctly, to engage your shoulders and initiate the movement, you will need to practice scap pull ups then.


Part B: These are sprint rounds guys, don’t let up in those latter rounds! Complete all 8 rounds on each movement before moving on.

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Happy Hump day!

Happy hump day folks! It’s only a few more weeks to Christmas (dare I say it) so lets keep the intensity up and enjoy the upcoming festive season! And nobody likes to skip big Wednesday 😉

Part A

Every 4 mins x 6 rounds, 1 min rest (29mins)

2 lane runs

then Amrap in remaining 4 mins

15 Wallballs 10/6kg

10 DB Power Cleans 22.5/15kg

Rest 1 min


Part B

7 min Amrap

30 second plank (Add Weight)

15 Leg raises


Coaches Notes

This is a very different workout to a long amrap. You will be targeting different energy system in your body so don’t be afraid to push each round! You might find you’ll take it easy in the first round to gauge pace but after that its an all out effort!!

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